Assortment planning is a strategic approach to maintaining the right level of inventory for each product in a retail store. The general goal is to meet near-term demand while avoiding carrying excess products. Floor spac... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Corporate planning is a strategic tool used by companies to set long-term plans to meet certain objectives, such as business growth and sales volumes. Corporate plans are similar to strategic plans, but place greater emp... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Succession planning in a business setting refers to the plans for promotion or personnel changes in the event that an employee retires, resigns or is let go. Succession plans are typically limited to senior leadership or... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR
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A min/max inventory system is an approach to managing materials or goods in which the business sets a minimum threshold and a maximum level of inventory to hold. When the current supply of an item reaches the minimum lev... More »

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