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Forces of Organizational Change: Planned vs. Unplanned Change and Internal & External Change In the fast-changing business environment, the contemporary organization’s must learn to be more adaptable and flexible for successfully facing the environmental challenges.


Organizational change is the alteration or adjustment of a company’s current business operations. Business owners and managers may need to direct unplanned or planned change.


Planned change, which is a systematic effort to move an organization into a new state, and unplanned change, which is pressure to make change exceeds the efforts of the organization to resist change, are two types of change that happen within an organization from either external or internal factors.


The results of planned change are expected, while unplanned change brings unexpected results. While many organizations are ready to deal with the challenges of planned change, unplanned change can often be chaotic. One of the major differentiating traits of planned and unplanned change is the source of the change.


Planned and unplanned are the two types of changes that can occur with an organization. External and internal factors can cause both of these types of changes within a company.


Organizational Change: Strategies for Planned and Unplanned Changes ... Despite the proliferation of approaches to managing change, the planned change success rate has remained stuck at around 30 to 40 percent. ... a series of overlapping, never-ending, planned and unplanned changes that are interdependent, difficult to execute, ...


Unplanned Versus Planned Change Unplanned change usually occurs because of a major, sudden surprise to the organization, which causes its members to respond in a highly reactive and disorganized fashion. Unplanned change might occur when the Chief Executive Officer suddenly leaves the organization, significant public


252 ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP OF PLANNED AND UNPLANNED CHANGE A systems approach to organizational viability Henry P. Knowles and Borje 0. Saxberg The leadership and management of an organization must be prepared for a turbulent environment which demands more complex planning for the future.


Planned and Unplanned Change. - Mark VanSchuyver.


Planned Change Change resulting from a deliberate decision to alter the organization Unplanned Change Change that is imposed on the organization and is often unforeseen. The Change Agent ... Chapter 18: Managing Change. 32 terms. MGT 291 Chapter 16. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. 2 terms.