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Some nationwide retailers and websites that buy and sell used college textbooks are Amazon.com, Half.com, Barnes and Noble, and eCampus.com. Users may sell textbooks for either cash or store credit to use toward the purchase of new textbooks.


Websites such as Autotrader.com and CarGurus.com allow users to search for nearby used car dealers. Used cars are also sold online and in-person through specialty used car dealers such as CarFax. Auction sites such as eBay and classifieds sites such as Craigslist also m...


A customer can buy used books online through the websites StrandBooks.com, ThriftBooks.com and Powells.com. Each website offers a wide variety of previously owned books that are still in good condition.


An ideal place to find a buyer for vehicle parts is a salvage yard. Find contact information for local salvage yards in phone directories or online. Vehicle owners with detailed information about a specific part and its condition may be able to get a price offer over th...


"The Hiding Place" describes the efforts of Corrie ten Boom and her family to hide Jews from the Nazis during World War II, the family's subsequent arrest, and their experiences in a concentration camp. Ten Boom's story was also made into a film in 1975.


Some places to sell crafts are online, at local craft shows and special events. Holiday fairs and other events are a good source of traffic when setting up a craft booth.


The best way to sell used textbooks is typically through a direct transaction between the book owner and the next user, avoiding a middleman bookstore. Bookstores must turn a profit, so they offer lower prices than the next user might.