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Five highly popular visitor attractions in Paris are Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Palais Garnier - Opera National de Paris and the Arc de Triomphe. All five also have a long-established historical presence in the city.


Paris lies at the center of the Île-de-France region. Paris is located in north-central France and is the capital of the country. It occupies a position centrally located in the agricultural region known as the Paris Basin. Paris is at the crossroads of water and land routes.


Paris is the capital of France because Clovis I made the city his seat of government in 508 A.D. His grandfather had initially conquered the area. In its earlier history, Paris was a Roman city for about 500 years. It was also conquered by barbarians from time to time. Merovius led a group of Franks


The Saint James Hotel is a popular hotel in Paris, France. It is located near the Avenue Foch RER train station, at 43 Avenue Bugeaud, as of October 2015. Other hotel options in Paris include La Maison Favart, Hotel Joyce, Hotel Residence Foch and Le Bristol Paris.


Paris is a western European city located within the country of France. Geographically speaking, Paris is located at the longitude and latitude of 48° 51' N, 2° 21' E and has an altitude of 34 meters, or 114 feet.


The most cost-effective way to make calls from the United States to Paris is to use an application such as Viber or Facebook messenger to call over Wi-Fi or data. If those options are unavailable, several other applications are available for international calling, including Skype and Google Voice.


Airports serving Paris include Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport and Beauvais–Tillé Airport. Charles de Gaulle Airport, located 14 miles north of central Paris, was the world's eighth-busiest airport in 2014.


France comprises a total area of about 246,000 square miles, making it the 43rd-largest country in the world and the largest country in the European Union. France has a total population of about 66.2 million people as of 2014, making it the 22nd-most populated country in the world.


Frommers.com and ParisPass.com offer good, interactive tourist guides of Paris online. Amazon.com sells a number of Paris tourist maps and guidebooks containing maps in Kindle and paper formats.


Parisian postal codes are composed of five digits, the first two being the number of the "departement," which for Paris is 75, and the last three representing the district. Paris is divided into 20 districts known as "arrondissements."