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There are 12 countries and three major territories in South America. The countries include Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. The three major territories include French Guiana, the Falkland Islands and the Galapagos Islands.


The uppermost portion of South America lies at a latitude of 14.6048° S and a longitude of 59.0625° W, and it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and Central America. The continent is in the Western Hemisphere.


By size, South America is the fourth largest continent. It covers 12 percent of the land on Earth. South America is almost seven million square miles in land area.


South America has three physical regions: coastal plains, river basins, and mountains and highlands. Each of these regions contains unique biomes, with the coastal plains containing desert biomes, the river basins containing tropical rain forest and grassland biomes, and the mountains containing alp


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Animals that live in South America include the alpaca, llama, guanaco and the vicuña, which are all members of the camelid family. Another animal is the capybara, which is the largest rodent on earth. The jaguar, ocelot and margay live in South America, as do several species of monkey, including the


Christopher Columbus discovered South America in 1498. At the time of his discovery, he and his crew thought they had landed on an island. He named the island Isla Santa.


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While there are variations, most of South America has a hot and wet climate for much of the year. The continent is situated relatively close to below the equator.


South America contains 18 time zones that are either two, three, four, five or 4 1/2 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time. Most countries operate with a single time zone, although Brazil uses two.