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Good pipe flow calculators include an orifice flow calculator, an air flow calculator and a compressible gas flow calculator. Two of these calculators measure how well the substance inside the pipe flows through it, and the other determines where the measurement is take...


To calculate the flow rate in a cylindrical pipe, the basic formula, which is flow rate is equivalent to pipe cross-sectional area multiplied by velocity, can be used. Here the area is calculated as pi times pipe diameter squared and divided by four.


Use the Hazen-Williams formula calculator found on the Calctool website to calculate flow capacities for pipes. Enter the pipe's diameter, length and drop. Use the drop down menus by each category to indicate the preferred unit of measurement for length. Click the calcu...


To calculate the water flow rate through a given pipe size, multiply the area of the inner cross-section of the pipe by the velocity of the water. The velocity of the water is required for this calculation.


Calculate average velocity by finding the quotient of the displacement and the total time elapsed. For problems concerning velocity, it is important that you consider the starting and ending position, especially if they are the same. Remember that speed and velocity dif...


Resultant velocity is the vector sum of all given individual velocities. Velocity is a vector because it has both speed and direction. There are many ways to calculate vector sums, such as using a vector addition diagram, but using trigonometry to calculate vector compo...


Pipe Flow Expert Software and Hearne PIPE-FLO Professional 14 are software programs that calculate pipe flow. These applications also offer many other tools useful for planning, installing and upgrading pipe systems.