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Pioneers were not defined as a class of people. Rather, the term refers to people who moved west as the territory in the United States grew. Their lifestyles were very varied, though there were some common issues with which all pioneers had to contend.


Consumers should contact the customer service for Pioneer directly to find out if the policy is active, recommends the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The covered person's name, Social Security number and state where the policy was purchased may be necessary to recover the lost poli


Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company offers property insurance for individuals and businesses, with policies covering homes, automobiles, farms and commercial properties, according to the company's website. Its policies are available only in Michigan. Its website offers the ability to make claims


Life insurance is important because it offers an income to loved ones or other beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured, explains Futurity First. Life insurance proceeds help cover the significant cost of a funeral and burial and leave loved ones without significant debts related to th


Types of life insurance policies include whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life. The various types of insurance come with different durations, structures, costs and variations.


Life insurance provides ongoing income for a policyholder's family if he suddenly dies, according to The Motley Fool. In addition to replacing the deceased's income, life insurance can also cover funeral, legal and medical expenses that result from the policyholder's death.


Non-life insurance policies provide coverage to protect consumers against the risk of their insurance premiums. These types of policies are more common in European countries.


According to Futurity First, life insurance is an important asset because it provides financial protection for the beneficiaries, helping pay for funeral expenses, pay-off debts that could be assigned to the estate and providing living expenses to any dependents. Life insurance can also be used to p


Individuals shopping for a life insurance policy should calculate the coverage needed and select a reliable, highly rated insurance provider before purchasing insurance, recommends Market Watch. Estimate the money your spouse and family may need, and add in mortgage, college and major health expense


Exactly how much life insurance a person needs varies based on factors such as income, expenses, family size and if the individual has any dependents. Some experts recommend having a life insurance policy that covers between five and 10 times a person's annual income.