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Change the time on the clock on your Pioneer car stereo using a sequence of buttons. The process is simple to do and requires just a few minutes to complete.


Turn off the stereo by pressing and holding the SRC button. After the stereo is completely off, release the button and press and hold the Audio button. The hour section of the clock begins to flash. Press up or down on the volume buttons to scroll between hours.


There are a number of reasons why a car stereo may not work. If a car stereo will not turn on at all, there is likely an issue with the wiring or fuses.


As of 2015, Best Buy sells a variety of car stereo systems from manufacturers such as Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, Kicker and Alpine. The store offers car stereo receivers, car speakers, car amplifiers, subwoofers, enclosures and other audio devices. Prices on car audio items sold by Best Buy range from a


A car stereo code is an anti-theft feature implemented by many of the major automobile manufacturers. When a car stereo is disconnected, it is rendered unusable until the user enters the proper security code. Some cars also require the code if the battery runs out of power.


To install a Pioneer car stereo in a 2014 Honda Accord, write down the original stereo radio security code and raise the hood. Use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery’s negative terminal.


Wire a new car stereo using a wire harness, along with speaker wire if necessary. Disconnect the ground wire from the car battery before you start work. Wire the speakers first, and then wire the head unit. Connect the amplifier to the power supply and then to the subwoofer. Return the stereo head u


Owners can check with the manufacturer of a car stereo to find the exact color codes. Owners can also find guides to stereo color codes online. Some websites that offer guides are CarStereo.com and InstallDr.com.


A Pioneer car radio manual can be located online by going to the Pioneer Electronics USA website, choosing "Support" and entering the model number. As of 2015, not all products may have online manuals. If no manual is listed, customers can contact a customer service representative for further assist


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