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Pioneers used common everyday objects to create fun games. The children also had homemade toys, which they played with for fun.


Pioneers were not defined as a class of people. Rather, the term refers to people who moved west as the territory in the United States grew. Their lifestyles were very varied, though there were some common issues with which all pioneers had to contend.


The most critical component of pioneer life was risk, as people left behind all they knew for an unknown future. Days were filled with grueling travel, incessant work and the threat of violence arising between themselves, criminals and native peoples.


Easily preserved foods with dense calories like bacon, flour, rice and dried corn were the staples of pioneer cuisine. Jacqueline Williams, writing for the Oregon-California Trails Association Overland Journal, described a repetitive, dull menu characterized by bacon and bread, cornmeal mush, sugar


According to Hope College, pioneer plants are those species that can only grow in cleared forested areas or otherwise disturbed areas where light penetrates to the ground in unusual amounts. These plants rely upon the disturbance of a rainforest canopy, for example, to establish themselves; they are


Pioneers in the American West used tools such as axes, mallets, knives, augers and lathes to fell trees and turn them into buildings. Power tools did not exist at the time, and pioneers needed to be economical with what they brought along with them on their travels, so many of the tools they used we


American pioneers wore clothing made from cotton or fabrics they produced themselves, such as wool or linen. Men and boys wore buckskin trousers, cotton shirts, leather boots and wide-brimmed hats. Women and girls wore cotton dresses or skirts, bonnets and leather boots.


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In an area with barren sand, you would find grasses like Lyme grass, while in the mountains you would find pioneer plants like lichens. The type of pioneer plants you find in an area depends on what type of environment it is.


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