A pint is not bigger than a quart. A pint is half the size of a quart, and it contains 16 ounces or 2 cups. More »

One quart contains 2 pints. Ounces, cups, pints, quarts and gallons are all units of volume used in the United States. These U.S. customary units are based on the imperial system of measurement. More »

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There are 2.11 U.S. pints in 1 metric liter. The quart is similar to the liter, with 1 liter being equal to 1.05 quarts. Although the metric system was sanctioned in the United States in 1866, it has never been adopted a... More »

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Water bath canning times vary based on the method employed and jar size; for example, with the hot-pack canning method, a pint of apples processes in 15 minutes, while a quart of apples requires 20 minutes. Cold-pack apr... More »

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To pour a 4-inch slab that measures 1 square yard, use six 80-pound bags of concrete, and for a 6-inch slab, use eight 80-pound bags of concrete. One 80-pound bag of concrete covers 4 square feet at a thickness of 2 inch... More »

In math, inverse is explained as the opposite in effect. An inverse function is one that reverses another function. If an inverse does exist for a function, it is referred to as an invertible function. More »

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The square root of 40 is 6.3245553. The square root of 40 is also written as 2√10. Numbers that are perfect squares have a whole number as their square roots. More »