Pinterest is a social media website where people share information via visual bookmarks or pins. Information must be shared in the form of a picture since each pin must be visual in nature. More »

Pinterest can be a good place to find home decorating ideas, but it also has a lot of ideas that are not worth imitating. The online scrapbooking service was the source of many important home trends in 2014, as reported ... More »

To post a kitchen idea on Pinterest, click the plus button on the Pinterest website, and select Choose Image. Select the most relevant board, and add a description. The description should include words related to kitchen... More »

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Pinterest offers a wide variety of sources covering multiple personal interests, and people often use Pinterest for inspiration or to promote their brands. Many people use Pinterest for inspiration or as an easier way to... More »

Users are blocked on Pinterest by clicking on the gear icon on their profile page. Next, choose Report from the drop-down list, and click on the Block button. More »

In order to follow someone on Pinterest, search out the person to follow using the search bar, and click "follow" on his or her profile page. This will automatically enable the following of all existing and new boards a ... More »

Pinterest is used to create bookmarks of websites, images and videos. The bookmarks are represented by screen shots, and are organized into themed boards that can be shared with others. More »