As of 2015, national pilot car companies include Batie Dependable Pilot Cars, Al's Big Rig Moves, AJ Hendrickson Pilot Car Solutions, American Pilot Cars and Big Ten Escort. Other companies include Fannie T Pilot & Escor... More »

Individuals who want to become a pilot car driver must apply for a pilot car permit or take the pilot car certification class if it is offered in their state, then they should insure their vehicle to be used by a busines... More »

Both US Pilot Car and the National Pilot Car Safety Institute conduct training and certification programs for pilot car drivers. These courses are available in multiple states across the United States. More »

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Some national moving companies include Atlas Van Lines, United Van Lines and North American Moving Services. All of these companies also provide moving services internationally. More »

National companies that outsource include Discover, Direct TV, Eli Lilly, Clorox and Bank of America as of 2015, according to CNN. Outsourcing has cost more than three million American jobs since 2011, says U.S. News & W... More »

As of 2015, companies conducting surveys can legally call numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. People on the registry can receive calls from companies with which they have an existing business relationship. More »

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