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Everything you need to know to about getting your ears pierced in store at Lovisa. Get ready to create your new piercing look!


Causes of Infections in Newly Pierced Ear. Piercing the ears with tools or earring posts that aren't clean (sterile); Not cleaning the earlobes daily; Taking the ...


Sep 23, 2019 ... Continue reading to learn how to care for your newly pierced ears, and the “do's and don'ts” of proper earlobe piercing aftercare! What is ear ...


Jul 23, 2019 ... Getting their ears pierced is a rite of passage for most children. Make this experience one they will never forget with these helpful tips.


Mar 31, 2021 ... Ahead, we rounded up the 30 prettiest ear piercing ideas ever, including lobe, helix, orbital, conch, and tragus piercings. Prepare to curate your ...


Jun 24, 2020 ... 6 Ear Piercing Care Mistakes You're Probably Making. Posted by ... We've all heard the horror stories about ear piercings gone wrong. Uneven ...


Your child wants their ears pierced, but where do you start? Learn about what you and your child can expect with their first ear piercing.


An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear Earrings have ...


How to care for newly pierced ears to avoid infection and make the experience a positive one for your child. Your ear piercing questions answered!


Feb 3, 2021 ... Ear piercing has gone from a trend to a tradition. And with so many parts of the ear available to pierce (think: tragus, helix, the always popular ...