To draw flames on paper, use a pencil to sketch two large semi-circles that open towards the top of the page. Then, draw a short straight line inward and slightly downward from each ending point of each semi-circle, befo... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To achieve an antique look, you can stain paper using bags of tea. Black tea provides the most-dramatic aging effect, though herbal and green teas also work. More »

Get a square piece of paper and mark its center (the intersecting point between the two diagonal lines from the four corners). Fold the two opposite corners towards this center point. Fold up the bottom corner with the t... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts

To draw a stick figure, first obtain a pencil and paper. It only takes a minute or two to draw a stick figure by starting with a circle and adding additional lines and shapes. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To draw a simple snowman, gather paper and a pencil, marker or crayon. Draw a line at the bottom of the page; this represents the ground. On top of that line, draw the snowball that will serve as the snowman's base. Add ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To draw a car in semi-profile, start with the two closest wheels, sketch the body and the cabin, add doors and windows, sketch bumpers and headlights, and add details. Drawing a car takes roughly 20 minutes and requires ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

First, obtain pencil, paper and an eraser. You may also want to use a ruler to ensure your lines are clean and straight. To draw a lightening bolt, draw a series of diagonal lines before adding additional lines to comple... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing