You can create a pie chart in Excel and format it for a professional look. You can also rotate the chart slices for different perspectives. More » Technology Software

T create a pie chart online, visit a website such as or, and fill in the fields to populate the chart. Each online chart-making tool has its own way of asking for data, but most require ent... More » Math Data Graphs

To make a pie chart, organize the data as fractions of the whole. Multiply each fraction by 360 degrees, which is the number of degrees in a circle, and assign each multiplied fraction a portion of the pie chart. More » Math Data Graphs
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To create a chart in Excel, highlight the data for the chart, navigate to the Insert tab, click on Recommended Charts, and select a chart type. To modify a chart, click on the buttons next to the chart, and navigate to t... More » Technology Software

Excel 2010 does not contain a Gantt chart template. However, it is possible to make a Gantt chart without a template using Excel 2010 with a tutorial. More » Technology Software

To create a tally chart in Excel, go to the File tab in Microsoft Excel. Select New, and then select the Blank Workbook option. If the information is already in a spreadsheet, open this document, and organize the informa... More » Technology Software

To subtract in Excel, enter the numbers in a cell using the formula =x-y, complete the same formula using the column and row headings of two different cells, or use the SUM function with negative numbers. Excel does not ... More » Technology Software