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The skin may appear shiny and tight, depending on the amount of edema (swelling). Who is affected: Venous stasis ulcers are common in patients who have a ...


A venous skin ulcer is a shallow wound that occurs when the leg veins don't return ... See a picture of abnormal blood flow caused by venous insufficiency.


Ulcers are open skin sores. Venous ulcers are leg ulcers caused by problems with blood flow in your leg veins.


Venous leg ulcers can develop after a minor injury, where persistently high pressure in the veins of the legs has damaged the skin.


The photo above is a case of leg ulcers that would not heal. ... For the doppler study, an ultrasound probe is placed on top of the skin which allows the ...


Leg sores may affect primarily the skin or can extend into the subcutaneous tissues, muscles, bone, ... See a picture of the Leg and learn more about the.


Jun 16, 2020 ... Venous ulcers (open sores) can occur when the veins in your legs do not push blood back up to your heart as well as they should.


Feb 14, 2020 ... There may also be discoloured or hardened skin around the ulcer, and the sore may produce a foul-smelling discharge. See your GP if you think ...


Apr 15, 2010 ... Venous leg ulcer. Wounds are generally irregular and shallow. Reprinted with permission from Thomas Jefferson University Clinical Image Database ...


See a picture of abnormal blood flow caused by venous insufficiency. These ulcers usually form on the sides of the lower leg, above the ankle and below the calf ...


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