According to the Department of Public Health in Illinois, scabies mites typically originate from a human infestation through direct contact with another person's skin, or person-to-person contact. The mites can also orig... More »

Pictures of scabies skin rashes are available on Scabies skin rashes and itching are caused by an infestation of mites called Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrow under the outer layers of human skin and lay eggs, ... More »

Photographs of scabies mites can be found in a slideshow on WebMD. Scabies is caused by tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei burrowing into the outer layer of skin. More »

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Body lice, which are microscopic mites, spread through direct, prolonged contact with a person infected with scabies, reports WebMD. Body lice spread easily between household members and sexual partners and through the s... More »

When mites infest human skin, the resulting scabies may cause intense itching, a rash that resembles acne, blisters and scales, states WebMD. Scratching the skin may cause sores, and the itchiness is usually worse at nig... More »

To treat mite bites on the skin, or scabies, dermatologists often prescribe creams such as permethrin cream, benzyl benzoate lotion, sulfur ointment or crotamiton cream, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. ... More »

Hair mites can cause a variety of skin conditions in humans, ranging from rosacea to blepharitis, reports DermNet NZ. Dust mites, on the other hand, are major indoor triggers for individuals suffering from allergies and ... More »