Bladder cancer is a cancer of the bladder, the organ that stores urine. It usually starts in the cells that line the inside of the bladder, and while very treatable if diagnosed early, it is likely to recur and requires ... More »

The American Urological Association provides pictures of a wide variety of bladder tumors as part of its educational program in pathology for urologists on its website. A visual overview of bladder cancer that includes i... More »

The main types of treatment for bladder cancer as of 2015 include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and intravesical therapy, according to the American Cancer Society. The treatment plan will be determined by the type and... More »

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Bladder cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the organ that stores urine in the body, explains WebMD. When these cells grow together, they form a mass called a tumor. The most common type of bladder cancer begins in... More »

Bladder cancer treatments include surgery, intravesical therapy, chemotherapy and radiation, notes the American Cancer Society. Sometimes doctors use multiple treatments for the same case, but surgery is almost always pa... More »

Bladder cancer is the sixth most diagnosed cancer in the U.S, notes the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. This condition is common in older people, mostly those who are 55 years and above. The average age of bladder cance... More »

Cancer of the thymus affects the small organ that rests in the front of the chest, in back of the sternum, according to the American Cancer Society. The thymus is in the chest cavity between the lungs where the heart, es... More »