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Oil of oregano is herbal oil extracted from the flowers and leaves of an oregano plant. The oil has a golden or dark-yellowish color. The highest-quality oregano oil derives from wild oregano, which is native to the Mediterranean region.


Oregano oil is taken by mouth to treat sinus pain, swine flu, allergies, arthritis and intestinal parasites, and it's applied to the skin to treat canker sores, ringworm, athlete's foot, acne and psoriasis among other conditions. The oil is extracted from a plant called oregano. The leaves of the pl


To make oregano oil, place fresh oregano leaves in a plastic freezer bag and pound them with a meat mallet to help release their oils. Add warm olive or grapeseed oil and squeeze gently for a couple of minutes. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and store in a cool area for two weeks, then strain the


Originally hailing from Europe and Central Asia, oregano has a long history of medicinal use before it became a kitchen staple for seasoning a variety of dishes, according to The Herb Information Site. Using a name of Greek origins, oregano was also historically used as a key ingredient in alcoholic


Oregano has a spicy, sweet aroma. Oregano adds a warm spiciness to food, and the oil from oregano can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.


Oregano has a warm, slightly bitter taste with a hint of sweetness. It is often the main spice in pizza sauce. Oregano is also called wild marjoram or pot marjoram.


Oregano itself has been used for centuries as a culinary spice and to preserve food, but oregano oil is primarily used for its health benefits. Oregano oil contains a compound that is thought to reduce coughing and spasms.


To harvest oregano, cut the sprigs when the plant is 4 to 5 inches in height, then cut the stems down to soil level. You need a small pruner.


Get the health benefits of oregano oil by ingesting the product orally for aliments such as indigestion or the common cold. Oregano oil can also be applied topically for skin disorders such as psoriasis, or it can be used as a natural insect repellent.


Oil of oregano may help fight bacterial and fungal infections, remove parasites and treat sore throats. While some research indicates that oil of oregano is effective at killing intestinal parasites, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the majority of the product's claims, as of 201