Birth certificates may vary slightly in appearance from state to state, but there is certain information that must be included on all birth certificates for them to be accepted as official documents by the U.S. governmen... More »

A long-form birth certificate is a vital record written on legal-sized paper or multiple pages. The certificate includes details on the birth of a child, including the place and date of birth, parents’ names and a signat... More »

To get a replacement birth certificate, call the county of your birth to verify the state-specific requirements, secure the correct method of payment and go to the county office or write a formal request for the replacem... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Some birth certificates may list the time of birth, depending on where the birth certificate was issued. In the United States, birth certificates are issued by the local government, so the specific information included m... More »

Because the federal government does not offer copies of birth certificates or other personal vital records, it is necessary to contact or visit the government office of the state or U.S. possession where they were initia... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Missouri government site has a public record section allowing users to search records such as arrest reports, birth and death certificates, and marriage or divorce records. Visitors of the site can also search a busi... More »

To use a sample birth certificate, users simply fill out the necessary blank spaces to see how their newborn child's identity information will look. There are many different types of birth certificate templates to choose... More » Government & Politics Public Records