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TV picture problems can usually be spotted by checking to see if there are any issues or abnormalities with the TV's On-Screen Display, or OSD, which can be checked by using the TV's remote, not the cable or satellite remote, and clicking on the volume, channel and input buttons to see if the TV's p


Several websites offer repair manuals for tube-type televisions, including ManualGuideOnline.com, Manual-Archives.com and JustRadios.com. Some of these sites require a user to sign up for an account in order to access the information, and others charge a fee for viewing or ordering a manual.


Although it's possible to repair some parts of a broken flat-screen TV, it isn't cost-effective, and some parts, including the screen itself, cannot be easily repaired at home. Because flat screen TVs employ a layer of pixels with a layer of plasma beneath it, they aren't easy to fix.


Customers can locate TV repair shops in their area by choosing a national or local organization, visiting the company website and searching by location, as noted by the National Electronics Service Dealers Association, Sears and Bammel TV websites. Some companies offer in-home repair services while


To locate local television repair shops, visit websites that give information about local businesses, such as Yelp.com. Alternatively, choose websites that specifically provide information about TV repair shops or TV repair men, such as tvrepairpros.com, tvrepairman.com and tvservicequote.com.


You can find the TV repair shop closest to your location by using the free search tool available at TV Repair Pros. The service is offered by the National Electronics Service Dealers Association.


To find a local television repair center, use the search tools on TVRepairPros.com, YellowPages.com and Yelp.com, as of 2015. All three websites allow visitors to search for local repair centers for free. You can also find TV repair centers by visiting the website of the television's manufacturer.


Before contacting any professionals, users should turn the Sony television off and on again to see if the problem clears up. After this, owners should consult their television manuals to troubleshoot the television through the software menu functions.


If the scratch or crack on a damaged plasma television screen is not too extensive, it may be possible to repair the television. However, if the damage is too severe, repairs are not feasible. Plasma screens are made up of two pieces of glass with a mixture of gases between them that emit light. If


Tips for repairing an RCA TV include accessing the parental controls, changing the ZIP code on the setup menu for guide issues and rebooting the TV. Online support for RCA TVs is available on RCA4TV.com, as of 2015.