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TV picture problems can usually be spotted by checking to see if there are any issues or abnormalities with the TV's On-Screen Display, or OSD, which can be checked by using the TV's remote, not the cable or satellite remote, and clicking on the volume, channel and input buttons to see if the TV's p


Many retailers and manufacturers have programs set up to help dispose of old TVs and other large electronic devices. Once accepted, these old devices will then be donated or recycled. In addition, there are many "e-waste" recycling centers around the country that will accept old TVs.


Find out whether fluorescent tubes can be recycled or disposed of at a local waste collection agency, or a retail hardware store. Search.Earth911.com can also be used on the Web to find a place to recycle or dispose of materials anywhere in the United States.


Old televisions and other electronics should be recycled or donated at participating electronics retailers such as Best Buy or Staples, according to the EPA. If there is no retailer nearby that is participating in this program, E-Cycling Central recommends finding a private recycling company that ac


Find a local service that recycles television sets. Your first source is the waste management company that picks up your trash. If they don't handle electronics recycling, they should have a directory of companies that do.


A broken television can be disposed of either by taking it to the local dump or by recycling it through a retailer like Best Buy or a recycling service like MRM Recycling. However, the responsible and environmentally friendly method is to recycle the television in some way.


To enlarge film photos from a disposable camera, use a scanner with optical resolution settings. Enter in the correct pixels per inch setting according to how large the photo needs to be.


The average cost to dispose of a television ranges between $50 and $120, though there are services that cost significantly more or less depending upon the size of the television and the distance traveled. Some reliable ways to dispose of a television include calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK or posting a Craig


Several waste disposal locations include LA Sanitation's Solvents, Automotive, Flammable and Electronics centers in Northridge, in San Pedro, California, and in Los Angeles, and Sarasota Country Waste Management centers has drop-off locations in Sarasota and in Venice, Florida. Specialized centers d


Green waste disposal involves taking green waste materials to landfills and recycling centers where it is converted into compost and mulch. Green waste is made up of bush and shrub clippings, lawn cuttings, garden waste and leaves. People who have their green waste picked up should not add rocks, di