A spring balance uses the extension of a spring to measure a force. Spring scales, such as are often found in supermarkets, are a common type of spring balance. The spring balance relies on Hooke's Law, which states that... More » Science Measurements

A spring balance is a weighing apparatus used in industries to measure the mass of different loads. It is also used in science experiments as a basic accelerometer. Spring balances are not legal for use in trade because ... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

Digital scales use the strain gauge load cell to convert the force of a given weight to an electric signal. Unlike analog scales, digital ones give weights as an instant digital readout. More » Science Measurements
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Lock washers work by applying a spring force against the nut or bolt head. Different lock washers perform this function in slightly different ways, but the basic concept is to hold the nut and bolt in place. Some lock wa... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To convert lbm (pound-mass) to lbf (pound-force) for an object located at the Earth's surface, multiply the mass (in pounds) by the "standard gravitational force" of 32.174049 (typically rounded to 32.174) to calculate l... More » Science Measurements

In terms of grams alone, the equivalent value of 1 newton cannot be explicitly determined because grams are units of mass while newtons are units of force. However, newtons can be expressed in terms of gram-force. More » Science Measurements

The standard unit of measure for force is called a newton. The measurement is named for Isaac Newton, who was one of the most important scientists of his era. There are other acceptable terms that can used when measuring... More » Science Measurements