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Disclaimer: All photos, images and links to external content are provided by users. We take no responsibility for the content added / uploaded by users.


Embarrassing Stories: At the Doctor’s Office. July 6, ... So after sitting almost an hour in the stuffy waiting room I got moved to the exam room. Lucky me, I got to put on those ever-so-fashionable tissue paper outfits and more tissue paper to drape over my bottom half. ... “I just went for my sports physical and I guess you’re supposed ...


Armed with tools I have never used or seen before I entered a physical exam practice room for the first day of learning. ... Doing the physical exam for the first time as a medical student 4 comments ... where physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients can share their insight and tell their stories. Social. Like ...


Ever had a story about getting a physical at the doctors office? I got hard during a hernia check when I was a pre-teen and am always nervous it'll happen again.


TK Story: Jennifer's Medical Exam (F/F - FF/F) nor...@googlegroups.com: ... this story, free of royalty or compensation, provided that no payment or ... physical exams get more and more detailed every year it seems. These tests are designed to make sure you can handle the stress and rigors of collage".


Stories. GiggleMed.com’s Embarrassing Medical Moments; true stories about things that health professionals have done, said, and/or witnessed. ... and performed a fairly complete history and physical exam. Then, I explained to the patient the reasons for the rectal exam and she agreed. I drew the curtain and began to do the exam.


this story is fiction. My coach decided to do a group physical exam for swimming when i was 18. the coach made all the lads stand in the line and he told everyone to strip and keep there jockstrap on.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Sinclair on embarrassing male physical exam: The female doctors have the same professional training as a male doctor. It may be the first time for you to be examined by a female doctor but that female doctor has examined many male patients in her carrier.


A story by Zvi Zaks in Category Short Story and Science Fiction and called A Medical Exam and is about Donald Farber, MD, is a specialist in Mesmor therapy. He hates it, even though it's an effective treatment for neurosis.