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Parents can help to promote the emotional development of toddlers by helping them find appropriate ways to express their emotions and the language to label them. Parents can also model healthy emotional behavior and read books about feelings with their children, accordi...


The exact start and end of the toddler period is not precisely defined. Most pediatricians and organizations consider children to be toddlers when they are between 12 and 36 months, and some groups use the term through a child's fourth birthday.


Some learning activities for toddlers include identifying colors and learning letters and numbers. There are multiple activities that help toddlers learn these basic skills, such as reading letters on street signs while driving.


Individuals and couples wanting to become the parent of a toddler through adoption have several options, including adopting through an agency. Working with an agency gives the prospective parents the option of international or domestic adoption. A third option is to ado...


Toddlers, classified as children between the ages of 12 months to 24 months, may enjoy many different types of activities depending on their developmental level and age. According to BabyCenter, some examples of activities for toddlers include playing with dishes, such ...


The best way to discipline toddlers is to set clear limits while affirming their emotions on a level that they can understand, according to WebMD. Parents Magazine also explains that it is important to be consistent once a boundary, such as a bedtime or a reprimand not ...


A child needs nourishment, sleep, love, attention and exercise for physical development, according to the Illinois Early Learning Project. Children also need activities and games that help develop motor skills and physical independence.