A child needs nourishment, sleep, love, attention and exercise for physical development, according to the Illinois Early Learning Project. Children also need activities and games that help develop motor skills and physic... More »

Lifespan development is the study of growth and change throughout the human lifespan. These changes may be multidimensional, occurring across the lifespan and include physical, mental and socioeconomic changes that happe... More »

Developmental norms refer to milestones and stages of physical, cognitive or emotional development expected at any given age. Physical developments refer to changes in the body and the ability to control it. Cognitive de... More »

Holistic development in children places a focus on nurturing all parts of a child's being, including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and creative elements. It focuses on all parts of a child instead of one p... More »

In general, preschools accept children as young as the age of 2 1/2, but the appropriate enrollment age differs depending on the child's development. A child who is ready to be enrolled in preschool should be able to par... More »

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Research shows that parental involvement not only supports and encourages children's learning and development but is an accurate predictor of the child's academic success, according to Education. The National Education A... More »

The amount of sleep a child needs varies based on the child's age, states the National Sleep Foundation. For instance, infants need nine to 12 hours of sleep each night plus several naps, while children between ages 1 an... More »

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