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To delete photos from My Pictures in Windows, open the folder containing the pictures, right click on the picture you wish to delete, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm that you wish to delete the picture. Alternatively, if you wish to delete an entire folder, right click on the folder, cli


Some cool photo effects and techniques include bokeh, panning and fill flash. Long exposure and contre-jour are other cool photo effects. While the rule of thirds is a compositional technique, it can produce more effective photos.


Photo imaging, also known as image editing, retouching, image manipulation, or colloquially as "Photoshopping," is the process of altering images. It can be done with modern digital techniques or with traditional analog processes.


Stock photos that have Native American pictures are available at the NativeStock website. This website has over 150,000 stock photos related to Native American Indian cultures, as of 2015.


One method to print pictures of a dog to send in for a photo contest is to upload them onto your computer from your camera or smartphone, and then use software or a Web service to print them on a home printer. Another option is to take them to a photo printing kiosk at a store such as Walmart or CVS


Many photographs are funny because they portray unusual or remarkable occurrences, such as a person failing spectacularly at doing his job or performing a stunt, an animal caught in an the act of mischief or making a face, or business signage that is misspelled or uses a bad pun. Users may also mani


A stock photo is a professional photo available for commercial use with certain usage limitations. Stock photography is used for commercial purposes such as marketing materials instead of hiring a photographer to create original images.


The most common photo sizes include 4 inches by 6 inches, 8 inches by 10 inches, 5 inches by 7 inches and 11 inches by 14 inches. Smaller sizes can be used for wallets, while larger sizes progress to desk photographs and wall or hallway images.


Some tips for scanning photos include choosing the right type of scanner, knowing the resolution and using auto mode if it is available. When choosing a good scanning device, try to avoid a multifunction printer. These printers typically provide multiple functions, such as printing, photocopying, sc


A photo or model release form is a legal document used to secure permission to publish pictures of individuals (including children) as well property such as buildings. Whether the image is for a small website or a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, a signed photo release form allows the phot