Annie Leibovitz, a highly celebrated American portrait photographer born in 1949, is well-known for her characteristically witty and powerful photos of famous popular culture figures. For over 25 years, Leibovitz's work ... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

In the movie "Annie," Annie is an orphan who is selected to spend a week with millionaire Oliver Warbucks. Mr. Warbucks ends up taking a liking to Annie and soon adopts her, rescuing her from the miserable life at the or... More » Art & Literature

The 2014 film version of the musical "Annie" was directed by Will Gluck and starred Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz. Mr. Gluck also produced the film and was given a writing credit. More » Art & Literature
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Find photographs of eyes on stock image websites such as, and Conduct an eye image search on Search.CreativeCommons.Org for more free images. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Most social networking websites allow you to upload albums of photographs but some websites specialize exclusively in photography. One such photography website featuring attractive presentation and simple navigation is F... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Retrica is a photo editor app for multiple digital devices that adds filters to photographs. Retrica also allows users to add logos or other images to the photographs. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Some famous photographs of poverty are Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother," Gordon Parks's portrait of Flavio da Silva in the slums of Rio de Janeiro and Kevin Carter's "The Vulture and the Little Girl." These stark images... More » Hobbies & Games Photography