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Unplash.com, Suprfamous.com and Picjumbo.com are some of the many good websites for free stock photos. Some of the websites require image source attribution while others do not.


As of 2015, some of the best sites to get high-resolution, high-quality stock photos include Unsplash, Little Visuals and IM Free. The photos on these sites can be used for commercial purposes, and the sites constantly release new content.


Some of the top free stock photo websites include Free Images, MorgueFile and Picjumbo. These searchable sites offer large selections of free stock images to use on websites or for other projects.


Create a photo gallery website with special tools and design packages on certain types of website platforms or by creating HTML code to process the images. Some websites also offer options to upload images and create a gallery or create custom code from a series of images.


Photographs are under copyright protection, and people cannot copy them without the copyright owners' permission, reports the U.S. Copyright Office. Copyright protection begins when the photographer creates the photo and is binding whether or not the owner registers the work. Some sources of photogr


Free stock photos are available online through websites such as FreeStockPhotos.com, FreeDigitalPhotos.net and Unsplash as of 2015. Each site has its own policy on licensing, and some photos have specific stipulations that prevent them from being used for commercial purposes.


Most social networking websites allow you to upload albums of photographs but some websites specialize exclusively in photography. One such photography website featuring attractive presentation and simple navigation is Flickr.


Some cool photo effects and techniques include bokeh, panning and fill flash. Long exposure and contre-jour are other cool photo effects. While the rule of thirds is a compositional technique, it can produce more effective photos.


World School Photographs is a free website that has more than 70 million school photos from 136 countries in its databank, as of 2015. The website has a 98.9 percent success rate in locating photographs from primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.


To edit the hair color in a photo, one can visit FotoFlexer, Fotor, Pixlr or PicMonkey. Each of these websites offers a variety of free photo editing tools.