Enter the name of a person or business on WhitePages.com and AnyWho.com to find the phone number, as of 2015. Both websites along with ReversePhoneLookup.com also feature reverse lookup tools to find the name of a person... More »

Depending on what phone you have, blocking a number can be achieved by downloading a call blocking application, contacting your service provider, or adding the number to your block list. Several newer phones have a block... More »

Banks typically print their customer service numbers on the backs of debit and credit cards. Customers can also find this number in the Contact Us section of the bank's website. More »

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To find a person who lives in New Jersey's phone number, enter their complete name and location into an online phone directory such as the ones found on WhitePages.com, 411.com. Click Search in order to generate a list o... More »

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As of 2015, searchers can use a person's name to find their phone number online by utilizing directory sites such as WhitePages.com. To utilize this tool, click on the People tab at the company's home page, and enter the... More »

Look up a phone number online by using a free online phone directory website such as WhitePages.com or AnyWho.com. Enter the name and location related to the number being searched, and click the magnifying glass icon or ... More »

Free online phone books are available on websites like WhitePages.com, 411.com and AnyWho.com. Tools on these websites search public records databases to locate contact information for the name of the person searched. Th... More »