Countries involved in successful missions to Mars include the United States, Russia (formerly the USSR) and India. In addition to these countries, Japan and China launched several spacecraft towards Mars, but never succe... More »

Many photos have been taken of the surface of Mars. The first successful mission to take photographs of the Martian surface was the Mariner 4, a project launched in 1964 by the United States that sent back 21 images of t... More » Science Astronomy Planets

The exact cost of a Mars mission would depend on the nature of that mission, though most of them likely have a minimum price tag of hundreds of millions of dollars. An unmanned capsule such as SpaceX's Red Dragon could t... More » Science Astronomy Space Travel

Mars earned its famous moniker, "red planet," due to its red appearance that is highly visible from Earth. The distinct rusty-red color of Mars is attributed to the abundance of iron-rich soil that covers the planet's su... More »

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system, with a diameter of just over 4,212 miles and a circumference of 13,256 miles. Its diameter is about 53 percent that of the Earth. Among the major planets, only Merc... More »

How much people weigh on Mars varies according to how much they weigh on Earth. Someone who weighs 160 pounds on Earth would weigh 59.5 pounds on Mars, according to the Athena Mars Exploration Rovers page hosted by Corne... More »

The best time to view Mars is during the Mars Close Approach, which is when the orbits of Mars and Earth bring the planets closest together. When Mars and Earth make this close approach, Mars can be seen from sunset to s... More » Science Astronomy Planets