To find the programming codes for a Philips remote control, visit Then, select the remote control model from the drop-down menu located in the center portion of the webpage and the device code appears. More » Technology Television & Video, and have TV code lists for programming Phillips-Magnavox TV remote controls. The codes are specific for the TV brands and models. The procedure to enter codes into the remote var... More » Technology Television & Video

The remote code for the Philips Cl1035a series depends entirely on the type of device to which the universal remote will be connected. Remotes can be programmed for TVs, audio systems, PA systems and a wide variety of ot... More » Technology Television & Video
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To find the Samsung TV remote control code for a Philips remote control, navigate to the support page on the Philips website. The model number of the Philips remote control is necessary to find specific codes. More » Technology Television & Video

To program your Philips CL035A universal remote control, sync the remote to the device you wish to control. Once you sync the remote to your device, test it to ensure that the remote is controlling the device. More » Technology Television & Video

Philips does offer instructions for its universal remote controls as of 2015. An instruction sheet is included in the product packaging. also provides instructions for its products. More » Technology Television & Video

To set the Philips CL019 universal remote control, you must first access the four-digit programming code. Enter the code to sync your remote to the device you want to control. More » Technology Television & Video