A Filipino "puppet government" was established in October 1943 and forged an alliance with Japan. This was viewed by the United States as a Japanese effort to use the islands to further their war efforts, according to Th... More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia

The Philippines is a democratic republic with an executive, legislative and judicial branch. The elected president serves as both the head of state and the head of government. The legislative branch has two bodies; the u... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

Poverty, lack of schools and facilities, inadequate funds for adult education and even the use of English as a medium for instruction are some of the main reasons why there is illiteracy in the Philippines. The apathetic... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography
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According to its website, the Embassy of the Philippines in the United States manages relations with the U.S. government on behalf of the Philippine government. It also is in charge of providing assistance to Filipino na... More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia

The nation of the Philippines is located on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and the eastern edge of the South China Sea. The Philippines is southeast of the Asian mainland, north of Australia and northeast of Indon... More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people as of 2016, with 12.9 million of them living in the capital city of Manila, which equates to about 12 percent of the total population. The country spans 115,831... More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia

The Philippines are located in both the Northern and the Eastern Hemispheres. The Pacific Ocean completely surrounds the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines. More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia