A U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer is the seventh highest rank among enlisted personnel in the Navy. The rank is above petty officer first class, but below senior chief petty officer. More » Government & Politics Military

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, enlisted sailors in the U.S. Navy are referred to by the term "rate," rather than "rank," based on their pay grades E-1 to E-9. Enlisted sailor rates range from Seaman Recruit... More » Government & Politics Military

Founded in 1988, the United States Chief Petty Officers Association is a fraternity of active duty, veteran or retired chief petty officers designed to promote community through responsible leadership while keeping membe... More » Government & Politics Military
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In the U.S. Navy, the procession of ranks following the rank of captain is that of the rear admiral (lower half), which is identified by the abbreviation RDML. This rank is fourth in terms of military authority during pe... More » Government & Politics Military

The highest rank normally achieved in the U.S. Navy is admiral. Admiral is a four-star flag officer ranking and is typically only used in times of war. Admiral is considered the equivalent of a general in other branches ... More » Government & Politics Military

Soldiers are required to be in uniform at all times while representing the U.S. Navy, unless given permission to wear casual attire by a commanding officer. There are variations to the uniform, but in general it includes... More » Government & Politics Military

Examples of U.S. Navy warships include aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and submarines. Additional warships in the U.S. Navy include littoral combat ships and amphibious assault ships. Each ship is furth... More » Government & Politics Military