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Pet Sitters Associates (PSA) is a directory of U.S. pet care businesses and a provider of insurance for pet businesses. The company is based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and has business hours from noon to 4:00 p.m. CTL, Monday through Friday. Pet Sitters Associates has been providing specialty insuran


Pet sitters become bonded when their employers purchase fidelity bonds. Bonds can be purchased through many insurance agencies and bonding companies. Fidelity bonds are designed to protect employers and clients from employee dishonesty.


House sitters can be found on reputablesites like Trusted Housesitters, MindMyHouse andHousecarers. These house sitter marketplaces let homeowners post house sitting jobs, browse house sitter profiles, communicate with potential sitters and review sitter references.


Become a house sitter by building up experience and references and then finding jobs through professional house sitter sites such as TrustedHousesitters.com, MindMyHouse.com, Housecarers.com and Caretaker.org. These sites allow users to find house sitting opportunities all over the world.


A variety of house sitter job opportunities are available at websites such as Housesittersamerica.com, Mindmyhouse.com and Trustedhousesitters.com. These are membership sites that require paying a membership fee to join. Members create a listing that is seen by potential homeowners needing house sit


The average cost of pet sitting depends on the type and number of pets, the geographic location, the type of care needed, and the frequency of pet sitting. Typically, dog and cat pet sitters in major metropolitan areas charge between $15 and $35 per pet per day, as of 2015.


The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, or NAPPS, is a nonprofit trade organization that provides business resources for pet sitters and helps pet owners find high-quality care. Companies, employees and individual pet sitters apply for paid membership, gaining access to publications, c


Hospital sitters provide continuous companionship and observation of a patient, helping to keep impaired patients from hurting themselves, particularly those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease and those at risk of falling. Sitters may talk to patients, play games with them and run errand


Some ways to find a house sitter are through friends, family or church members. It's important to have solid references for a house sitter. An individual can email people she knows to ask about house sitter recommendations or browse house sitting businesses online.


Some of the responsibilities of a medical assistant include answering calls made by the patient and on behalf of the patient, assisting in proper patient positioning, changing bedding, observing the patient and assisting the patient with regards to meals, as noted by the Pennsylvania Patient Safety