According to multiple pet owner reviews, the best pet insurance for bulldogs is provided by Pet’s Best in the United States and Trupanion in Canada. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Affordable pet insurance options include the Level 1 plans offered by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Pets Best, says Pets Best also offers specialty policies such as accident-only and cancer-only. More » Business & Finance Insurance

As of 2015 the best pet insurance providers are Healthy Paws, Pet Plan, Trupanion and Embrace, according to Consumers Advocacy Group. Important factors when evaluating a pet insurance provider are reimbursement policies,... More » Business & Finance Insurance
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French bulldogs are difficult to breed and raise, as they need human assistance with mating and/or giving birth naturally, they have few puppies per litter, as well as a high puppy mortality rate. Owners looking to breed... More »

Although most dogs rely on protein to fuel their diets, English bulldogs require a lower protein diet to protect their kidney health. A low-protein diet also discourages growth spurts and growing pains in bulldog puppies... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Mixes between a boxer and an English bulldog are sometimes called Valley bulldogs or bull-boxers. An English bulldog-boxer mix may look like a tall English bulldog or like a short boxer. It is a muscular, sturdy dog with... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The breed standard for French bulldogs calls for a maximum weight of 28 pounds, and no official designation of a teacup variety has been determined. "Teacup" is simply a marketing label implying small size. More »