Numerous conditions can cause bloating, including bacterial infection, egg-binding and constipation. When bloat is more severe, it can be fatal. More »

Some disease symptoms for a pet fish are inflamed skin, drooping or chewed-on fins, a film of mucus over the body, and rapidly beating gills, according to Tetra. These are symptoms of the fish having an infestation of fl... More »

A good name for a pet fish is Sushi. Sushi is a popular fish name and it is appropriate for both male and female fish. It is also very humorous, as the Japanese food sushi is typically made with raw fish. More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets

A pet crawdad's diet consists of shrimp pellets, green vegetables and frozen foods. Appropriate green vegetables include zucchini, cabbage leaves and shelled peas, while frozen foods that a crawdad enjoys include blood w... More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets

Pet sharks are available in the United States from aquarium specialty stores or online retailers. Aquarium specialty stores like Aquarium & Pets Emporium in Florida are most likely to carry sharks; pet store chains such ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets

According to Fish Channel, it is legal to own a stringray as a pet in all states except Arizona, California, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah and Mississippi. Because there may be other regulations and rest... More »

According to The Cephalopod Page, squids do not survive well in aquariums and should not be kept as pets. However, octopuses do make a suitable choice for owners interested in keeping a cephalopod as a pet. Octopuses nee... More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets