When asked about strengths and weaknesses during a job interview, it is important to list things like hard working, team player and self-confidence while weaknesses may include nervousness around people or lacking skills... More »

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Typically, a person's most prevalent character or personality traits express themselves as both strengths and corresponding weaknesses at the same time. For instance, someone with strong analytical and thinking skills ma... More »

Some good prayers for strength are "A Prayer for Strength" by Rebecca Barlow Jordan and "Prayer for Healing and Strength." Additional prayers for strength that come directly from the Bible are found in Philippians 4:13 a... More »

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To build self-confidence, assess your skills to determine your strengths and weaknesses, remind yourself of your successes periodically, create achievable life goals, and make persistent efforts to achieve them. Talking ... More »

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In order for a person to find a job he loves, he must first think about what skills he has, what his particular strengths are or what types of things he'd like to learn to do. If there is something that the person is par... More »

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Employee self-assessment forms can be used to overview what a person's responsibilities are at a company or as a way to persuade an employee to look inwardly at their strengths and weaknesses as a member of a team or com... More »

A person can identify their strengths and weaknesses by giving some thought to things that they are interested in doing. An individual might try asking colleagues, friends and family members if they think that he or she ... More »