A permanent body wave, also known as a perm, uses chemical processes to change the shape of the hair from straight to curly or wavy. Body waves often have less curl than other types of perms as they are intended to add v... More »

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The curl from a permanent wave (or perm) can last as long as year, if it is done effectively. During this time, the perm may grow out and change a bit, but the curls will remain intact. Some perms may last only 3-6 month... More »

To apply a Wave Nouveau to hair, purchase and use the Wave Nouveau Phase One Shape Release according to the directions on the bottle along with the Phase Two Shape Transformer and styling rods, Phase Three Shape Lock and... More »

Cold wave perms contain the chemical ammonium thioglycolate. True acid wave and acid-balanced wave perms contain glyceryl monothioglycolate. Exothermic wave perms contain ammonium thioglycolate as well as an oxidizer lik... More »

You should wash your hair before getting a perm because once you get the chemical treatment, you should not wash your hair for 24-36 hours, so that the perm sets and becomes permanent. When you finally do wash your hair,... More »

Hair care experts recommend not getting the hair wet for 48 to 72 hours after getting a perm. After the waiting period, experts say not to brush or pull the hair straight when combing, but people should instead use a wid... More »

There are different methods to remove permanent chemicals from the hair. Some of these methods include shampooing, a visit to a hair salon and hot oil treatment. More »