The curl from a permanent wave (or perm) can last as long as year, if it is done effectively. During this time, the perm may grow out and change a bit, but the curls will remain intact. Some perms may last only 3-6 month... More »

A permanent body wave, also known as a perm, uses chemical processes to change the shape of the hair from straight to curly or wavy. Body waves often have less curl than other types of perms as they are intended to add v... More »

To apply a Wave Nouveau to hair, purchase and use the Wave Nouveau Phase One Shape Release according to the directions on the bottle along with the Phase Two Shape Transformer and styling rods, Phase Three Shape Lock and... More »

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A standard perm uses ammonium thioglycolate to break the natural disulfide bonds that create the natural texture of hair while it's in curlers. Then, a neutralizing agent stops the bond-breaking process and allows the ha... More »

Cold wave perms contain the chemical ammonium thioglycolate. True acid wave and acid-balanced wave perms contain glyceryl monothioglycolate. Exothermic wave perms contain ammonium thioglycolate as well as an oxidizer lik... More »

A perm should grow out in about a year. At this point, the relaxed hair can be cut off, leaving behind a short, natural hairstyle. More »

Tips for caring for a perm include refraining from washing your hair for 48 hours and avoiding heat styling as much as possible. After 48 hours pass, wash your hair with a shampoo for chemically treated hair, gently mass... More »