To create compact curls that grows bigger, such as a curly Afro, take the ends of the hair, and roll upward until the curler reaches the scalp. Roll toward the floor, and keep the hair taut. For elongated coils like Shir... More »

When performing a permanent wave on hair, proper care must be taken during the wrapping process in order to produce a professional-looking, finished curl. The ends of the hair are protected by end papers; the wraps are r... More »

Sizes of rods for permanent wave hairstyles are three-sixteenths inch, one-fourth inch, five-sixteenths inch, three-eighths inch and seven-sixteenths inch. Perm rods are designed in standard colors for certain sizes. Fro... More »

To use curlers, wash and condition your hair, allow it to air dry about 90 percent, separate sections with a comb, and roll each on a curler from the ends to the scalp. Let your hair finish drying, and remove the curlers... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyling Tools

To put curlers in men's hair, use curlers with a small circumference, wrap sections of hair tightly around the curler and secure near the scalp. Use hair wax, styling mousse or styling gel to help hold the curls in place... More »

To roll your hair with spiral rods, brush it, fasten it into equal sections with butterfly clips, roll each section down a spiral rod, bend the rods until the ends cross, and leave them in for 20 minutes. This 45-minute ... More »

You can wear perm rods by dividing your hair into sections and rolling the end of each section with a perm rod. When all hair sections are rolled, cover your head with a scarf. Leave the rods in your hair overnight. The ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyling Tools