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6 days ago ... If you have peripheral artery disease, you may experience difficulty walking or climbing stairs due to leg pain, cramping, and weakness. Other ...


Symptoms may be described as pain, ache, cramping, a sense of fatigue, or nonspecific discomfort that occurs with exercise. There is no discomfort while standing.


What Are the Risk Factors and Symptoms for Peripheral Artery Disease? · Claudication, cramping pains while walking, usually in the calf muscles but sometimes in ...


The Vascular Program at Inova Heart and Vascular Institute takes a pioneering approach to the treatment of peripheral arterial disease, uniting three kinds of ...


This is because these risk factors cause impaired blood flow. What are the symptoms of peripheral vascular disease? About half the people diagnosed with PVD ...


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High blood pressure (hypertension); Kidney disease involving hemodialysis; Smoking; Stroke. Peripheral Vascular Disease: Symptoms. Standard symptoms of ...


Discusses peripheral arterial disease, a narrowing or blockage of arteries that results in poor blood flow to your arms and legs. Discusses causes and symptoms.


What are the symptoms of PVD? · Changes of the skin of the legs and feet, including red to blue color, coldness, or thin, shiny skin · Weak pulses in the legs and t...


Treating and managing peripheral artery disease through medication, lifestyle changes and surgery at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wis.