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Performance specifications are used for evaluating the acceptability of the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) at the time of or soon after installation and whenever specified in the regulations.


The performance specification focuses on the outcome and shifts the selection of materials and methods, as well as a portion of the design work, onto the shoulders of the contractor. This approach can provide incentives for innovation and flexibility in the construction approach, but also reduces the amount of control that the architect or ...


Written requirement that describes the functional performance criteria required for a particular equipment, material, or product.In contrast, a design specification describe design characteristics and manufacturing methodology.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Specifications are listed below. Performance Specifications Q: What is a performance spec? A: A performance specification states requirements in terms of the required results with criteria for verifying compliance, but without stating the methods for achieving the ...


Performance specifications Specifications that delineate the results to be achieved rather than the specific methods or materials to be used. Performance Specifications the initial document for the designing of a structure, industrial complex, or engineering device, such as an instrument, machine, or control system, or for conducting scientific research ...


Performance Specifications Strategic Roadmap: A Vision for the Future Chapter 2. Performance Specifications The Umbrella. Performance specification (PS) is an umbrella term incorporating performance related specifications (PRS), performance-based specifications (PBS), and warranties.


EXAMPLE PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Example Specifications and Test Procedures for Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems 1. APPLICABILITY AND PRINCIPLE 1.1 Applicability. 1.1.1 This specification is to be used for evaluating the acceptability of predictive emission


Performance Specifications. The kinds of specifications that might fit a little bit better with design-build projects are what we would call performance specifications. These specifications aren’t recipes. They don’t tell the contractor how to do the work. What they tell the contractor is what we want.


Specifications vary considerably depending on the stage to which the design has been developed, ranging from performance (open) specifications that require further design by a contractor or supplier, to prescriptive (closed) specifications where the design is already complete when the project is tendered.


Performance Specification 2 for Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide Do you have questions about a Test Method, Performance Specification or Source Category? Find the EMC contact for your question in the EMC Directory .