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What percent of 42 is 21? Type C: 25 is 40% of what number? The method we use to solve all three types of problems involves translating the sentences into.


Basic Pre-algebra Skill. Solving Basic Percent Problems. Solve each problem. 1) 38 is what percent of 56? 2) 60 is what percent of 126? 3) What percent of 125 ...


In worksheet on percent problems we will practice various types of questions on calculating percentage problems. To answer the questions review application of  ...


Worksheet on Word Problems on Percentage · 1. Out of a salary of $4500, I kept 1/3 as savings. · 2. A certain school has 120 teachers. · 3. Rachael gets 94 ma...


The answer is 20. Page 2. Percents Worksheet. 1) 35 is what percent of 700? ______.


Percentage Practice Worksheet 1. Item 4932. Copyright ... Percentage Practice. To find the percent of a number, change the percent to a decimal and multiply.


These PDF percent worksheets focus on calculating a percentage from a fractional part of a whole. Visit for other types related percentage and fraction problems!


A variety of percentage worksheets in PDF format that will help students practice the following topics: Meaning of percent. Relationship between percent, fraction ...


Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems, e.g. , by reasoning about tables of equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number ...


These worksheets provide practice in common calculations involving percents, including changing decimals to and from percents, finding percentages of ...