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That was an excellent question, and I hope my answer inspired you to study the weather, too! Predicting the weather is certainly a tricky task, and all meteorologists strive to do the best job they can.


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The current study examines whether these effects extend to life satisfaction judgments. We examine the association between daily weather conditions and life satisfaction in a representative sample of over 1 million Americans from all 50 states who were assessed (in a cross-sectional design) over a 5-year period.


To summarize, this study investigates the effects of daily weather on people’s mood, while taking individual differences into account. The effects of six different weather variables on three separate mood variables are examined. Furthermore, to examine what might account for individual differences, the Big Five per-


People in cold weather love to throw them back. UMPC wrote the following about the study: The study, recently published online in Hepatology , found that as temperature and sunlight hours dropped, alcohol consumption increased.


The first daily weather forecasts made by FitzRoy's Office were published in The Times ... Global scale meteorology is the study of weather patterns related to the transport of heat from the tropics ... soil scientists, agricultural hydrologists, and agronomists are people concerned with studying the effects of weather and climate on ...


What Do You Call a Person Who Studies Weather? A person who uses scientific methods to study, observe or forecast atmospheric patterns and weather events is known as a meteorologist. This field can be further divided into a number of differing job types, including broadcasting, teaching, researching and forensic meteorology.


A study in China's Zheijiang Province shows that people in China's rural communities are more vulnerable to both hot and cold temperature extremes than people living in urban areas.


Higher risk of heart failure in cold weather Date: ... In the new study, the team assessed 112,793 people aged 65 years and older that had been diagnosed with heart failure in Quebec between 2001 ...


Although not many people do it, ... this is only one example of the jobs that they do—they also report on the weather, prepare weather warnings, study long-term weather patterns, and even teach others about meteorology as professors. ... Broadcast meteorologists report the weather for television, which is a popular career choice as it is ...