Pet food manufacturers formulate cat food to meet the nutritional needs of cats, so feeding a dog a consistent diet of cat food will lead to deficiencies and possible health problems. The occasional cat food treat will n... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

The human foods that are most dangerous to dogs are chocolate, foods sweetened with the non-caloric sweetener xylitol, bread dough and alcohol, according to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. All ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

It's OK for a dog to eat a variety of different people foods in moderation, including berries, according to WebMD. Other table foods a dog can eat include bananas, apples, melons, cooked chicken, cream cheese, peanut but... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health
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The most common skin problems in cats include fungal infections, allergic dermatitis, alopecia, mites and skin ulcers. These conditions are typically easy to treat, but a veterinarian should be consulted about any skin a... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Pet cats eat commercial cat food that meets feline nutritional needs. This commercial food can be dry kibble that comes in a bag or wet food from a can or pouch. The diet can be supplemented with treats, which should com... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

Some safe household cures for cat diarrhea include reducing stress for the cat, withholding food for 12 to 24 hours, adding more fiber to the cat's diet, and restricting the cat to a bland diet. Avoid giving the cat medi... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Boxer dogs can have a wide variety of health problems including heart issues, disorders of the spinal cord, bloat, allergies and various types of cancers. Hypothyroidism is another common health issue. More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health