Penny stocks are securities generally issued by small, publicly traded companies and usually trade at a price of less than $5, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The low price and high volatility o... More » Business & Finance Investing

The easiest way to purchase penny stocks is to open a brokerage account and use the broker to purchase the stock for you, according to finance site Money Morning. A broker can also help you to avoid many of the scams and... More » Business & Finance Investing

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Penny stocks, also called micro-cap stocks, are any stocks under $5, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission; however, some organizations consider stocks under $3 or $1 to be penny stocks, says Nasdaq. Penny ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Penny stocks work just like regular stocks, with the main difference being that investors buy and sell penny stocks in over-the-counter bulletin boards (OTCBB) or the pink sheets. The term "penny stocks" refer to stocks ... More » Business & Finance Investing

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