The white and pink blossoms of Kalmia latifolia, commonly known as the mountain laurel, bloom each spring across the Pennsylvania countryside. Native to the mountainous areas of that state, the mountain laurel's spring f... More »

A list of flowers might include the names of the state flowers, starting with the states on the Pacific Ocean. Alaska's state flower is the forget-me-not, Hawaii's flower is the yellow hibiscus, and California's flower i... More »

Pennsylvania is nicknamed the "Keystone State" and it has more licensed hunters, covered bridges and pretzel bakeries than anywhere else in the country. The state drink is milk, the state dog is the Great Dane and the st... More »

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In 1923, the state of Missouri declared Crataegus punctata, or the white Hawthorne blossom, as its official state flower. The white hawthorn blossom and over 75 other species of hawthorn are native to Missouri, particula... More »

On December 12, 1890, the California State Floral Society chose the golden poppy to be California's state flower. California's legislature officially designated the golden poppy as the state flower on March 2, 1903. More »

The most likely chance of finding a free puppy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is by searching local Craigslist ads, newspapers and websites such as, states You need to look at each specific ad c... More »

The Appalachian Mountains are the most significant mountain range in Pennsylvania. The Alleghany Mountains and the Pocano Mountains are Pennyslvania's largest subranges. The majority of the state's terrain is mountainous... More »