A contempt of court charge can result in a fine or a jail term of definite or indefinite length. Typically, these charges occur either when someone acts disrespectfully toward the court or refuses to obey a court order. ... More » Government & Politics Crime

The penalties for missing a bench warrant may include jail sentences, fines, suspensions of drivers' licenses and bond revocation, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer. The court can hold a person who missed a bench warr... More » Government & Politics Law

According to the law office of Robinson and Henry PC, intentional disobedience of a court order is referred to as contempt of court and the violating party is typically faced with remedial or punitive sanctions. Remedial... More » Government & Politics Law
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Failure to follow a court order may result in the court issuing a contempt of court charge and subsequent jail time and/or a fine, according to FindLaw. Civil contempt charges are most often issued to individuals involve... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Delaying a scheduled court appearance on a misdemeanor charge is possible by filing a continuance motion with the court, according to In criminal cases, you must ask your defense attorney to file a pretrial ... More » Government & Politics Crime

The process for having a felony charge expunged from your record begins with checking with the legal agencies and court involved in the arrest and conviction of the charge, Nolo explains. Certain states have laws on the ... More » Government & Politics Crime

A citation from a police officer is a legal document that serves as a notice to appear in court in response to a charge against an individual. These kinds of summons are used in financial liability situations, traffic in... More » Government & Politics Crime