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A typical No. 2 pencil is 7.5 inches long with a 6.75-inch wooden shaft. Most No. 2 pencils are made from cedar with a hexagonal shaft. The lead is a mixture of graphite, clay and wax.


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Uses for pencils other than writing include erasing marks and scratching one's head. Pencils can be used to clean out mud from the tread of shoes and boots, decorate picture frames, remove sticker or price tag residue and roll up a tube of toothpaste. A person can use a pencil eraser to remove crayo


The length of a standard number 2 pencil is 7.5 inches, and the pencil has a diameter of about 7 millimeters. Golf, or library, pencils are typically about 3.5 inches long. The most common material used for a pencil's core is graphite.


Many printing services offer custom pens, including Staples, FedEx Office, and Vistaprint. All three can accept either an uploaded design or one created using their tools. Typically the latter option allows limited design options. Additionally, all three services offer both printed and engraved pens


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Although no documents state the motivation for the pencil's invention, it was likely first created as an alternative to pens. According to Pencils.com, the first known pencils were developed shortly after the discovery of a graphite deposit in Borrowdale, England, in 1564.


The Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity, made with a grip so good that it won an award from the Arthritis Foundation, the Lamy 2000, with its brushed fiberglass-and-stainless steel body, the Rotring 800, with its hexagonal body and the Uniball Kuri Toga, with its auto-rotating mechanism, are some examp


The main steps involved with making pens include stamping and forming the metal components inside the pen, molding the plastic housing and filling the pens. Some companies make the ink, as well.


A good tip to draw a car with a pencil is to find a good combination of light, dark and mid tone shades and to keep the edges clean and sharp. Good supplies include high quality graphic pencils, white watercolor paper and mechanical pencils for the finer details.