Many retail outlets sell pellets for pellet stoves, including Tractor Supply Co., WalMart and Lowe's. The pellet stove owner pours the fuel into a hopper, and an auger automatically feeds the fuel to control the temperat... More »

As of 2015, pellet stoves can be bought on the websites for The Home Depot, Lowe’s and eBay. These sites stock a large variety of pellet stoves from major manufacturers, including Englander, DuraVent and US Stove. More »

Installing a pellet-stove is a simple five-step process. Pellet stoves consume less fuel than other home heating appliances, are designed to conserve energy, do not require much maintenance and are easy to operate. More »

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Wood indoor heaters, commonly referred to as wood stoves, burn wood for energy to create heat, while pellet stoves burn pellets of biomass as an energy source. These heaters function the same as oil or propane boilers wi... More »

Quadra-Fire pellet stoves work by using a convection fan to circulate heat generated by pellets burning inside the stove. Provided with adequate pellets, Quadra-Fire pellet stoves automatically add pellets to the burn ar... More »

Alaska pellet stoves burn environmentally friendly biomass fuel called pellets rather than the normal wood that wood-burning stoves use. Pellets are less expensive and easier to feed into stoves than wood. Pellet stoves ... More »

It's possible to buy inserts for pellet stoves from eBay, Regency Fireplace Products, Harman and Napoleon. While some retailers offer a range of inserts, others feature a small selection only. People shopping through eBa... More »